Sundstrom SR 510 Replacement Particulate Filter


SKU: H02-1321

The SR 510, P100/HE particulate filter is of the mechanical type and designed for use in Sundström half masks, full face masks Air Purifying Respirators (APR) and SR 500 Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR). The filter provides protection against all types of particulate pollutants. The particulate filter can easily be combined with chemical cartridges from the Sundström filter range in order to provide protection also against gases and vapours, e.g. during spray painting. The particulate filter should be combined with pre-filter SR 221, which will thereby extend the life of the particulate filter. The SR 500 PAPR should always be used with two particulate filters or two combined filters consisting of chemical cartridge and particulate filters.

  • Change the pre-filter SR 221 at least every 7 days.
  • Change particle filter SR 510 (P100) after 18 months or sooner if there is any concern regarding physical damage, hygiene (dirt, soil) or increased breathing resistance.