Elipse P100 Small/Medium Facemask

GVS North America

SKU: Elipse P100 S/M

 The Elipse Facemask is a unique, high efficiency, P100 half mask respirator designed to fit the contours of the face.  The result is a form fitting mask that users will find very comfortable.   *         Probably the most visible difference in the Elipse mask is the patented filter design.   The low profile filter design allows the user to have a wide field of vision without any obstruction from filters.  Filters integrated into the mask in order to prevent the filters getting bumped during any overhead work. *        Elipse mask is constructed with a non-allergenic thermoplastic elastomer which means the mask is latex, silicone and odor free.   *        Close pleated composite Hydro-phobic (water resistant) material allows the HESPA (High Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Air Filter) filters to provide users with the maximum particulate protection in a small and lightweight filter.   *        Mask was also designed with a low breathing resistance to reduce the risk of user fatigue.   *        4-point adjustable light weight head strap to ensure comfort and secure fit during use and comes in two sizes (small/medium and medium/large).   *        Elipse mask has NIOSH approval and meets other worldwide standards.   *        Low profile Elipse mask will not interfere with other personal protective equipment such as hearing protection, safety glasses, goggles, welding shields, sanding shields, etc.   *        Elipse respirator is a re-usable half mask and intuitive design allows the filters to easily be interchanged.