Rikon-70-1824VSR - 18″ x 24″ VSR Lathe 1.2HP


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8″ x 24″ Variable Speed Lathe #70-1824VSR offers woodturners a variety of new features that make it the most versatile lathe in RIKON’s line –  a powerful 1.75HP, 115V, 16A motor gives ample power for all turning needs. The lathe uses an inverter to control the motor’s operating efficiency, speed and regulates torque to give the craftsman the consistency needed when turning projects. Including a swivel headstock, spindle lock, spindle indexing, 3 bed extension positions, variable speeds from 50 to 3850 RPMs, digital read out display, moveable magnetic control box, 115V outlet for plugging in lights or other accessories, and increased tool storage.

Constructed of heavy cast iron, the bed, classically shaped legs, headstock, tailstock and tool rest assembly provide over 370 pounds of stability when turning. Plus, the large 1.75HP 115V motor gives the power and dependability needed for working on the largest bowls or oversized spindle projects. The newly designed headstock can swivel 180 degrees for outboard turning! This feature expands the bowl or platter diameters from 18″ to 27-1/2″, or up to 44″ if the headstock is secured facing forward (A freestanding tool rest is needed for this setup (not provided)).  Spindle turnings up to 24″ in length can be done with the lathe, but with the addition of the optional 16″ long #70-908 Bed Extension, turnings up to 40″ are possible. The lathe has 3 additional machined surfaces on the sides of the bed to mount this special bed extension that increase the turning options even further.  Lathe includes spur center, live center, 3-3/8” faceplate, 12″ tool rest with 1″ diameter post, MT2-MT2 spindle alignment tool, knock-out bars, wrenches and tool holder.
  •  Increased Spindle Height for creating greater diameter spindles, bowls and platters.
  • Lathe Bed Has Machined Ends and Front for Adding Extensions to Increase Turning Capabilities
  • Powerful 1.75 HP DC Motor
  • Magnets on Back of the Control Box Allow it to be Placed Anywhere Easily Accessible to Turners for Quick Controlling of the Lathe Speeds or Emergency Stopping.
  • Machined Bed and Matching Components give Precise Alignment
  • Ball-Bearing Construction for Smooth, Precise Spindle Operation
  • Adjustable Locking Handles Keep Components Positioned Securely
  • Pivoting Belt Cover for Easy Access when Changing Belt Speeds
  • 8” PRO Tool Rest Features Hardened Steel Top Rod to Provide Extra Control of Tools When Turning