Robert Sorby Spiralling Texturing Tool


SKU: RS-B320

Creating barley twists, spirals and flutes has always represented a problem for the woodturner.
The Spiralling System (330H) not only overcomes many of these difficulties, but also allows the turner’s imagination to run wild as he enters a new field of decoration.
Based on the same principle as the texturing tool, it is simple to use even in the hands of a novice - but still comes with instructions and ideas on further use.
The built-in rest allows the work to be approached at a variety of angles - graduations on the rest ensure repeatability. The degree of off-set determines the pitch of the spiral.


  • removable tool rest
  • texturing cutter
  • 2 mm spiralling cutter
  • 4 mm spiralling cutter
  • 6mm spiralling cutter
  • instructions.