Robert Sorby 1/2" Bottom Feeder Bowl Gouge


SKU: RS-B842134BFB

The new Bottom Feeder grind is used on the inside of bowls especially for finish cuts, you can also use it on the outside of bowls from the foot to the top for all of your finishing cuts, if you learn to use this grind for finish cuts your sanding will be greatly reduced.

  • Standard profile grind for ease of use and resharpening on the ProEdge or any Grinder system
  • Polished 60-degree bevel for smooth refined cut in the bottom of the bowl
  • 45-degree secondary bevel, giving clearance during each cut, allowing for a smooth unblemished surface
  • 1/2" is the flute size on a 5/8" bar 

We recommend applying a light oil to the blades when not in use to keep them in perfect condition.