Woodcut Tools Irons Shear Scraper

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The Woodcut Tools Irons Shear Scraper is designed to shear cut the external shapes of bowls and hollow forms. Think of it like a cabinetmaker’s scraper for turners.  It is used to refine shapes, remove any high spots and torn grain, create smooth curves and flowing lines. The benefit of this is a uniform surface straight from the tool that makes sanding easier.

This tool uses a 40 mm or 1.6” steel diameter cutter with high carbon and chromium content and a hardness of approximately 62 HRC for better wear resistance and a sharp edge. Ideal for both hard and soft woods. The cutter angle can be easily adjusted while you work with the spring washer, secured with a button head screw, fixed with the hex key supplied. The cutter is three sided so that you aren't constantly having to hone a single edge, as one edge dulls another can be rotated into position. The cutter can be easily sharpened with a diamond hone.

The shaft is 5/8" dia. round and 1/2" long. Milled to support the cutter and easy to hold without a handle. Features a black oxide finish to help prevent corrosion.

Please note: This tool should not be used on the interior of bowls or vessels.