Woodcut- Pro-Form Hollowing kit 2 - (Handle, Straight, & Bent shafts)

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https://youtu.be/h05caLQRb8oThe ultimate combination for the serious hollow form turner. Includes the addition of the slight bent head for wood removal from the shoulder and down the sides.

Widely recognized as the best hollowing tool available.

"Make shavings, not dust".

  • Easiest to sharpen, adjust and use
  • Unlike other tools you don't need to keep adjusting the cutter
  • Designed for cross and end grain scenarios
  • User guide supplied and support videos available on You Tube.

The Woodcut Pro-Forme hollowing system includes a hardened M2 high speed steel cutter that is open on the side to prevent clogging, which is common with other end grain/hollowing tools. The adjustable safety gauge determines the depth of cut and prevents dig-ins. Each cutter is both re-sharpenable using a diamond hone and replaceable to ensure a long working life from these tools.

Instructions - PDF