Woodcut- Pro-Form Flexi Hollower 1/2” 12.7mm shaft with articulating joint w/a smaller Pro-Form powerhead

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An articulated hollowing tool based on the best hollowing cutter on the market (ie the Pro-Forme Powerhead)

  • Designed for small to medium size projects
  • Cutters made fromM2 HSS, Triple Tempered
  • Excellent clearance of shavings. "Makes shavings, not dust"
  • Adjustable cutter to suit all timbers and guarantee no dig-ins
  • Streamlined profile fits through 15 mm hole.
  • You don't need to keep adjusting the cutter

The Flexi comes with 2 high tensile articulating links - one short/straight and one bent, to access the tightest hollow form necks.

Includes one 275mm x 1/2 shaft for small to medium hollow forms.

Combines ideally with our Twin Collet Handle

 Instructions - PDF


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