Wood Cut-Stem sharpener for cup tools & scraper blades

Woodcut Tools

SKU: WC-Stem sharpener for cup tools & scraper blades

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CUP, DISC AND FLAT SCRAPER CUTTERS INCL CARBIDE - Designed to hold cutters up to 25mm for sharpening on the Woodcut Tru-Grind Sharpening System and other Sharpening Systems.
EASY TO USE - Simply screw your cutter upside down onto the head of the Stem Sharpener using the supplied hex key. Either use in conjunction with your Sharpening System, in your lathe pin jaws or cordless drill chuck.
PROVIDING SAFE SHARPENING - With the Stem Sharpener you can keep your fingers well clear, which can be an issue when trying to traditionally sharpen your smaller cutters.
EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR CUTTERS - Regular sharpening of your cutters, made easy and safe with the Stem Sharpener, will extend the life of your cutters.