WC-Woodcut- Pro-Forme Hollowing Kit 1 - (Handle & Straight Shaft)

Woodcut Tools


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The Starter Kit includes the Pro-Forme Straight Shaft, cutter head and Pro-Master Handle.  The straight shaft is designed to produce the opening and remove the wood down the sides and across the bottom of the vessel.  The 20" (508mm) spigot handle has a comfortable cushioned grip for long periods at the lathe.  Two handles can be fitted together for extra length if required.

Widely recognized as the best hollowing tool available.
"Produce shavings, not dust!"

  • EASY TO USE, NO NEED TO ADJUST CUTTERS - Unlike other tools you don't need to keep adjusting the cutter. The cutter is hardened M2 high speed steel that is open on one side to prevent clogging, which is a common problem with other end grain/hollowing tools. It also cuts at much slower speeds eg. 500 rpm, minimizing secondary shavings.  The adjustable safety gauge determines the depth of cut and prevents dig-ins.
  • SIMPLE TO SHARPEN - Easiest hollowing tool to sharpen. Simply use a diamond file, such as the Woodcut Tools Credit Card Diamond Hone.  If required the cutter is also replaceable to ensure a long working life from these tools.
  • CROSS AND END GRAIN - Designed for cross and end grain scenarios as well as dry and green wood. Hollow forms up to 13" deep, and even deeper in conjunction with the Woodcut Irons Tool Rest.
  • USER GUIDES & VIDEOS SUPPLIED - An extensive user guide booklet is included in the box with your Pro-Forme Hollowing Tool. User guide and demonstration videos available on our You Tube channel.