Woodcut- Mill Drill Universal for Crushgrind Mills

Woodcut Tools


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The Woodcut Tools Mill Drill has been designed by turners, for turners. Designed to make the production of pepper grinders that utilize the CrushGrind® type mechanism.
  • EASY TO USE - Simple design to speed up your production of peppermills. Specifically designed for, but not limited to, using the CrushGrind® mechanism.
  • ONLY TOOL NEEDED FOR DRILLING - A versatile tool which incorporates a No2 Morse Taper so it will fit into the tail stock of most lathes. With some adjustment to the cutters it can be used to cut a wide range of hole sizes making it unnecessary to buy a number of drill bits. Can be used to hold Forstner drill bits with a 0.39 inch shank.
  • USER GUIDES & VIDEOS SUPPLIED - An extensive user guide booklet is included in the box with your Mill-Drill. User guide and demonstration videos available on You Tube.
  • DESIGNED BY TURNERS, FOR TURNERS - Designed and made by wood turners, every detail is thought about from a woodworkers point of view, resulting in a very easy to use tool which gives the very best results every time.