WC-Woodcut Irons Tool Rest without Tool Post

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The Irons Tool Gate Holder is a tool which any Woodturner, especially Hollowers, find invaluable. Once you are using it, it will be hard to remember turning without it!

​The Irons Tool Gate reduces the, usually, unsupported length of your hollowing tool. It can be pivoted so your tool is supported even inside your vessel. Safe and easy to use for all skill levels. The Irons Tool Gate prevents your tool slipping sideways. The Tool Rest is designed with two different sized tool rests 1/2" to 1" allowing it to support a large range of tool sizes, from the shaft to larger handles. There is a choice of six different gate positions to enable hollowing from many different angles. The Tool Holder smoothly pivots within the tool gate body and can be quickly and easily moved along the six different positions for versatile hollowing.