WC-Bowlsaver Max4 with Tool Post

Woodcut Tools


This product is available for pre-order.

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​In keeping with Woodcut Tools values our objective is to always offer the best possible product. With customer feedback on the Max3 the Woodcut Tools team decided to improve on the Max3 with an even better design. 
In collaboration with Ken Port and an international team of turners, Woodcut Tools have designed, tested and developed, over many years, the latest bowl-coring product, the Max4.

Please specify the size of the tool post that you require. They are available in 1",  25mm or 30mm

• Three zinc plated knives supplied that support a cut size from 75mm (3") to 450mm (18") diameter. Each knife is shaped to a radius and is supplied with a precision sharpened Stellite cutter.
• While bowl coring the cutter will probably need to withstand shocks caused by knots and nails. To minimize sanding the turner will also want to produce an excellent finish off the tool. Given the range of cutter options available including Carbide, Woodcut Tools researched what cutters are in use in sawmill operations. Woodcut Tools established that Stellite is proven to deliver an excellent wood finish and experience a long operational life with great wear resistance and uniquely produces large, thick wood shavings.
• Bowl coring will apply pressure to the platform, especially if the wood is hard and dense. The Woodcut Bowlsaver Max 4 is therefore made from precision machined cast aluminum and steel that is anodized to last
and support turners to successfully core bowls small or large, wet or dry.
• Supplied with a 20” long handle that features double skin steel and 8 1⁄2” long foam grip to support the turner.

Product  Specs - PDF
User Manual - PDF