Walnut oil plus microcrystal wax


SKU: DOC-105-Walnut oil microcrystal wax

I'm often asked why I make two paste waxes that are identical except for the wax used. Microcrystal waxes are a family of synthetic waxes that I think are more water and fingerprint resistant. This paste wax uses the same synthetic wax, Cosmolloid 80H, as found in the furniture conservator’s choice, Renaissance®, without the solvent content. A short lesson in the physics of light transmission. Water frozen with a large amount of dissolved gas in it (like water straight out of the tap) is cloudy. The water molecules aren’t stacked perfectly and light is dispersed as it goes through the ice making cloudy ice. Remove the gas, and you get clear ice. Carnauba wax is a natural product so all the molecules are not identical. The solid wax disperses light due to disorder in the wax structure. The microcrystal wax molecules are identical, so the wax surface transmits light with less dispersion. The result is a brilliant surface finish. Relying on the solvating properties of walnut oil, the microcrystal wax provides a good, brilliantly translucent wax finish without the traditional chemical solvents. As with Doctor’s Woodshop Walnut Oil Paste Wax, this is an excellent product to use alone or with the Doctor’s Woodshop High Build Friction Polish. I recommend this wax for use with PENS PLUS (DOC-108), the microcystal wax friction polish, as an additional topcoat or to restore a worn surface.