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Velvit Oil can be applied with a soft cloth or a brush. Wait 20-30 minutes then wipe off. For best results you should wait 24 hours between coats. First we sand extremely well to 240 grit. If you do not sand well any finish you use will leave dark spots. Don't skip grits and make sure you get all sanding streaks out. Apply with a brush or rag generously. We wait about 20 minutes until the finish is tacky. We then take a CLEAN T Shirt (soft cotton cloth) and hand rub the excess off. Now your rag is going to have some "drag" but just put some love into it and rub away. It will start to polish up and just keep putting some love in that rag. Once the finsh has a slick feel and you have gotten all the tacky stuff off. Set it aside and Now sand to higher grits between coats or just add smooth layers rubbed out.Wait 24 hours and do the same thing. More coats you put on the better the gloss.

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