TruGrind Tool Holder (fits most other system bases)

Woodcut Tools

SKU: WC-TruGrind Tool Holder

The Tru-Grind Tool Holder works with the Oneway Wolverine system

The Tru-Grind tool holder has the advantage of being able to hold even the smallest gouge, or up to a 1-1/2" roughing gouge as well as scraper holders and drills. We offer the tool holder to be used with other existing base systems.
EASY TO USE - Precise, easy, sharpening means no mucking around to get the right sharpening angle each time. Accurate, Compact, Easy

RESULTS IN A SMOOTH FINISH TO YOUR PROJECTS - The Tru-Grind tool will enable you to turn wood to a finish so smooth that even the end grain requires no sanding
EXACT BEVEL EVERY TIME - Simply set the number to repeat your preferred bevel time after time, giving you the confidence in knowing each of your tools are being sharpened correctly. Designed to take up to 1-1/2" in diameter tools, there is no need for several jigs in your workshop. Fits most popular brands of 6" or 8" dry bench grinders such as Rikon or Jet

DESIGNED BY TURNERS, FOR TURNERS - The preferred sharpening tool by world leading turners. Designed and made by wood turners, every detail is thought about from a woodworkers point of view, resulting in a very easy to use tool which gives the very best results every time