Woodcut- Mill Drill for Crushgrind Mills

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The Woodcut MillDrill™ was designed to make the production of pepper grinders that utilise the CrushGrind® mechanism, easier and quicker. However it is a versatile tool and with some adjustment to the cutters it can be used to cut a wide range of hole sizes making it unnecessary to buy a number of drill bits. The Woodcut MillDrill™ incorporates a No2 Morse Taper so it will fit into the tail stock of most lathes, this means the drilling process can be done on a lathe. The Woodcut MillDrill™ has been pre-sharpened ready for immediate use but will need to be sharpened again when the cutters become dull or blunt. How regularly you sharpen the cutters will depend on the timber being used. Woodcut's Scaper Tool Holder (SCTH) will aid you to hold the small cutters for sharpening on a bench grinder, however regular touch-ups can be done with a diamond lap stone. The Woodcut MillDrill™ has been developed in association with top Australian woodturner Brendon Stemp.

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