Sundstrom SR 532 Replacment Vapor Filter Cartridge


SKU: H02-7121

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Provides protection against certain levels of organic vapour sulphur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride. Should always be combined with P100/HE particulate filter SR 510 to obtain protection against gas/vapours and aerosols. Will also protect the fan unit.  For use with the SR 500 unit.

The SR 532 OV/SD/CL/HC/HF chemical cartridge are intended for use in the SR 500 Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) to provide protection against the following types of gases and vapours:

  • OV protects against Organic vapours.
  • SD protects against Sulphur dioxide.
  • CL protects against Chlorine.
  • HC protects against Hydrogen chloride.
  • HF protects against Hydrogen fluoride.

The SR 500 PAPR must always be used with two particulate filters or two combined filters consisting of chemical cartridges and particulate filters.