Sturdy Rest and Slide for the right hand side

Woodcut Tools

SKU: WC-Sturdy Rest and Slide RH

The answer to the problem of flimsy and difficult to adjust grinder tool rests. 
Woodcut’s STURDY REST is made from thick plate steel to eliminate flexing and can be easily mounted underneath your standard bench grinder under either wheel. The system incorporates two pivot points for use with our Tru-grind toolholder to shape an sharpen all Woodturning and wood Carving tools.

When not in use or when using the Tru-grind toolholder the STURDY REST swings down out of the way to allow easy access to the grinding wheel. 

The ultimate sharpening centre will incorporate a base under each wheel, 
one for shaping (using a 60 grit wheel) and one on the other side for finnishing (using a 120 grit wheel). 

An extra Base slide can be purchased by itself for this purpose.