Keyless Drill Chuck 1/32"- 5/8" with Drawbar Thread

Sheartak Tools Inc.

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High Precision Keyless Drill Chucks 1/32"-5/8" with Integrated drawbar thread

For CNC drilling,  manual drilling or counterboring.
Rapid clamping and releasing without use of wrench.
Self-tightening for higher clamping torque.
Arbor is integrated into the internal socket of the drill chuck.
Maximum total integrated run-out of 0.12mm/0.0047"

Maximum Chucking Capacity:1/32"
Maximum Chucking Capacity: 5/8"
Shank: MT2 - Drawbar thread: 3/8"-16TPI
Shank: MT3 - Drawbar thread: 1/2"-13TPI