Threaded Rings for Vessels

Steer Machine


Each Brass Threaded Ring Set consists of one male thread and one female thread. Threaded ring sets are used to make vessels, jars, urns, etc while having metal threads to connect the lid and base. The stepped male ring gives you metal to metal meet up instead of wood to wood. The major diameter on both the male and female ring is knurled to help with glue adhesion. Made here in Honesdale, PA USA.


1 1/2":
Major Diameter: 1-1/2″in
Thread: 1-1/4″ modified Acme
Through Hole: 1-1/16″
Knurled area thickness: 5/16″
Major Diameter: 2″in
Thread: 1-3/4″ modified Acme
Through Hole: 1-9/16″
Knurled area thickness: 3/8″
2 1/2":
Major Diameter: 2-1/2″in
Thread: 2-1/4″ modified Acme
Through Hole: 2-1/16″
Knurled area thickness: 3/8″
Major Diameter: 3″in
Thread: 2-3/4″ modified Acme
Through Hole: 2-9/16″
Knurled area thickness: 3/8″

We  currently recommending West System G/Flex 650 epoxy or CECCorp C-Tough Epoxy. This has a high % in elasticity for the expanding and contracting of the wood.