Universal Bottle Stopper Mandrel

Steer Machine

SKU: UM-1-8-WB

Universal Mandrels come in various sizes for different spindles. The “turn to diameter” is set for our Honey Dippers but unlike our BSM mandrels they accept our bushings to change the “turn to diameter”. Can be used with or without bushings depending on the project. Precision machined in the USA! Has 3/8-16 self tapping thread. Rust protective black oxide coating. Each mandrel features flats for easy install/removal Unlike other mandrels ours run true to within .002″ of an inch. Free storage case included. Mandrels supplied with a screw on/off plastic washer. We have had a few requests for the washer as it helps prevent the wood getting stuck on the mandrel. The washer should be removed when threading the wood. The use of the washer is optional. 

Available is 3 size threads; 1 " x 8ATPI, 1.25" X 8 TPI & M33 X 3/5

Bushing required for our Stoppers and Openers: 13/16″ Bushing

All of our Universal Mandrels:

  • Are precision machined here in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Have a cutting flute in the 3/8-16 thread.
  • Match up to the 19/32″ dia. of the top of our Honey Dippers 
  • Accept bushings to change the “turn to diameter”
  • Rust protective black oxide coating.
  • Screw on/off plastic washer.
  • Run true to within 0.002″ of an inch so your work piece runs true.
  • Come with an individual clear plastic case for safe storage.