SILKY-TSUBASA 22/30 Hassunme Saw- Very Fine tooth saw11.5" Blade 18.6 tpi

Big Bear Tools

SKU: BB-SI-330-28

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The ultimate non set teeth Japanese sheath saw. Drawn aluminum, rubber gripped Handle gives this saw much greater heft than typical rattan wrapped handle saws. Suitable for the contractor as well as the bench carpenter. The Tsubasa has 22 extra fine Teeth per 30mm and the blade is 285mm or 11.2 inches long. The handle will accept 2 other blades of 18 teeth per 30mm and 14 teeth per 30mm each sold separately. Tsubasa blades are constructed of Japanese SK-4 high carbon steel and teeth are precision ground while water cooled. A slight taper to the blade assures the teeth Points are the thickest part of the blade: less binding being the result. A super hard Chrome treatment rounds out the attributes of this beautiful and well-balanced pull saw from Japan.