SIA-ROLLS 3" X 27 YARDS For drum sanders


SKU: 2920-6624.8410.0080 3"X27 YDS

  • CAN GET UP TO 20 WRAPS! - Depending on your drum size you can get up to 18 wraps with our sandpaper roll! These are PREMIUM rolls that are 25 yards in length that can be cut to save you the most amount of money and give you the most amount of sanding time possible!
  • HEAVY DUTY - This roll is made with a heavy duty polyester X-weight backing that can be used for any metal or woodworking application!
  • LONG LIFE - Our material uses an ultra premium heat treated aluminum oxide grain that can withstand more pressure, heat and grinding than any other abrasive out there. This is heavy duty and meant to last for your woodworking or metal working application.