Sheartak - Carbide Hollowing Tool Set of 3

Sheartak Tools Inc.

SKU: 8081020.00


Hollowing Tool Set, which includes Straight, Medium-angle Swan Neck, and Steep-angle Swan Neck, is used for smoothing inside surface and make blind cuts and undercuts to create bowls and hollow vessels.


* No sharpening needed
* Great for general woodturning
* The square shaft improves safety and accuracy by allowing you to hold the tool dead flat on the tool rest
* Carbide tools can be used with an interchangeable handle. The length of the handle is adjustable with the handle extension.


  • Interchangeable Handle Length: 11-1/2''
  • Handle Extension Length: 11''
  • Shaft Length: 9-1/2''
  • Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Shank Material: Spring steel
  • Cutter Material: Carbide
  • Cutter Sizes: Approximately 0.35'' diameter
  • WEIGHT: 3.86lb

 Kit Includes:

(1) Straight Hollowing Tool
(1) Medium-angle Swan Neck
(1) Steep-angle Swan Neck
(1) Wrench
(1) Wooden Storage Case
(1) Interchangeable handle
(1) Handle extension