Robert Sorby - 3/8" - 3 Piece Bowl Turning Set



The NEW three piece bowl turning set comprises of two new tools and the popular Fingernail Bowl Gouge.

Set Includes:

  • Bottom Feeder Bowl Gouge  – NEW
  • 1″ Negative Rake Curved Profile Scraper – NEW
  • Fingernail Bowl Gouge
  • 3/8" is the flute size on a 1/2" bar 

Bottom Feeder Bowl Gouge 

  • Standard profile grind for ease of use and resharpening on the ProEdge or any Grinder system
  • Polished 60-degree bevel for smooth refined cut in the bottom of the bowl
  • 45-degree secondary bevel, giving clearance during each cut, allowing for a smooth unblemished surface
  • 3/8" is the flute size on a 1/2" bar 

1″ Negative Rake Curved Profile Scraper

  • 1″ wide for excellent stability and control
  • 60-degree relief angle and 60-degree negative rake gives a perfect cutting edge for a great surface finish and ease of use


We recommend applying a light oil to the blades when not in use to keep them in perfect condition.