Roll Case with 12 Tools

Primus Woodcrafting


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The Pfeil 12 piece carving set has everything you need for all simple carving projects.

This twelve piece fully forged, ready honed set contains the following full size tools :1/8, 1s/8, 5/8, 5/20, 7/6, 7/14,7L/20, 8/4, 8a/10, 9/10, 11/3, and 12/6.

In English: 8mm straight and skew chisels, 8mm & 20mm Series 5 gouges, 14mm & 6mm Series 7 gouges, 20mm Series 7 long bent gouge, 4mm Series 8 gouge, 10mm Series 8 spoon bent gouge, 10mm Series 9 gouge, 3mm Series 11 gouge and a
6mm 60° V parting tool.