Munro Wundercutt10 Hollower

Munro Tools


This new tool from Rolly Munro is the latest design from this world class woodturner/toolmaker. Rolly has refined the tool further by redesigning the cutter holder to allow for easier setting of the depth gauge (cut limiter). He also gave the cutter holder a negative rake to improve control of the tool. The cutter holder attaches to the adjustable link with a new indexing feature that keeps it from moving while it is tightened.

The Wundercutt10 Hollowing Tool features a 10mm (3/8") carbide cutter to give many hours of cutter life before being replaced. The cutter can be rotated several times to expose a fresh cutting edge to give maximum life. Some people replace it and others use the sharpening mandrel included to sharpen it with a diamond hone. The tool has a 5/8" diameter stainless steel shaft that is 15-1/2"" long. It fits into the 1-1/2" by 19-1/2" handle and can be adjusted to the best length needed for the turning at hand.

The Wundercutt10 Tool includes: 3/8" carbide cutter, adjustable cut limiter, one connecting link, 5/8" x 15-1/2" shank, 19-1/2" handle, wrenches and instruction manual.


Wundercutt10 Replacement Cutte


Manual - PDF