Rikon-30-320 17” Drill Press 1 HP, 3” travel, 200-3,630 RPM


SKU: Rikon-30-230

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Model 30-230: 17″ Floor Drill Press

  • Powerful 1 HP TEFC Motor
  • 16 Spindle Speeds
  • Clutch Depth Stop
  • Cast Iron Table
  • Large Cast Iron Feed Handles

17” Floor Drill Press #30-230 is a workhorse. It has ample power to drive the largest twist drills, forstner bits, hole saws, circle cutters or other types and styles of drill bits. Adjustable, cast iron table with trough perimeter gives great support for wood and metal drilling work. 16 speed ranges produce all of the RPMs needed to match every material being bored.

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