Ron Brown's Best - Bowl From Board Easy Cut System with Upgrade Brass Guide & Get Free Parting Tool Kit Free

Ron Brown's Best

SKU: RB-Bowl From Board Easy Cut System with Upgrade Brass Guide

Includes the Brass Guide Upgrade.

This Easy Cut System eliminates about 90% of the cutting and gluing associated with traditional segmented construction. Depending on how you construct your board, the end results can be spectacular. There are many fine videos on YouTube with instructions for gluing up your starting blank.

I designed the Bowl From A Board Easy Cut System to be quick and easy to set up and use. I recommend using the narrowest parting tool you can find, typically 1/16" to 3/32". It really makes a difference in how the rings stack together. The thin parting tool will yield maximum wall thickness.

The attached video provides valuable insight for setting up and using this new system successfully. 

Although you can use boards thinner than 3/4", we believe you will have better success using material from 3/4" to 1" to begin with. After you have had some practice, experiment with thicker or thinner material. 

You can also use different angles on the same board. For Example: 1st ring cut 45 degrees, 2nd ring cut 55 degrees, third cut (base) 60 degrees will yield a bow with more of a traditional curve rather than straight sides.

NOTE: The parting tool will be perpendicular to the template. Set up as directed in the video and you will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to use your Bowl From A Board Easy Cut System. 

Each system will need a post to fit your lathe banjo. I know the specs for most common lathes so if you provide the brand and model number, that is usually all I need. If I need more info, I'll contact you.


Steel Guide Pin Accessory Instructions

  1. Friends, Ron Brown here, just a quick note to the many folks who have taken advantage of our new Bowl From A Board Easy Cut System.

 We strive to make our unique items as universal as possible and they undergo extensive testing on our own lathes before release. The only real way to discover issues is when many folks use them on their own lathes since there are hundreds of different configurations.

  1.  We have had some folks report that their banjos lack sufficient movement to complete the last one or two cuts and they have asked if they can simply turn the unit around and use it backward, or turn the banjo around toward the back. A couple of folks have mentioned concern about the heat generated by their parting tool and have asked for a metal alternative.
  1.  I am pleased to announce an extremely simple solution that we are calling the Steel Guide Pin Accessory. The release date is July 1, 2023. Units purchased before this date will be offered this free upgrade. Bowl From A Board Easy Cut Systems purchased after July, 1, 2023 will have the Guide Pin Accessory included at the time of purchase.
  1.  Users will simply need to drill a 3/8” diameter hole through the aluminum base plate assembly near the tip and install the Steel Guide Pin Accessory when they wish to use this rather than the original HDPE adjustable guide assembly.

 The width of the slot is fixed at 0.088”. It will accommodate our unique Parting Tool, and any 1/16” parting tools such as the Robert Sorby super thin parting tool. It WILL NOT ACCOMMODATE 1/8” wide parting tools unless you open the slot yourself.

  1.  Use either the original HDPE Adjustable Guide Pin Assembly or use the Steel Guide Pin Assembly. Don’t attempt to use them both at the same time.
  1.  First, remove the black HDPE Adjustable Guide Pin Assembly. Then, turn the Easy Cut System 180 degrees from normal so the beveled edge of the aluminum base points toward the rear of the lathe. Install the Steel Guide Pin Accessory with the slot turned to about 60 degrees so it points to the center of the blank and lock it firmly in place with the provided wingnut.  Use the direct read set of guide templates to align your Easy Cut System for the cut angle you wish to use. With the Steel Guide Pin Assembly, you will be able to use a parallel guideboard clamped to the bed ways for each successive cut due to the increased range of motion of your banjo. It is not necessary to move the Steel Guide Pin Accessory once properly installed.