Rikon 50-114 4” x 36” Belt / 8” Disc Sander


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Model 50-114: 4” x 36” Belt / 8” Disc Sander

• Frame is made of sturdy die-cast metal for precision fitting of parts and rigidity during use
• Tracking knobs allow correct positioning of belts on frames
• Work tables adjust 0° to 45° with large locking lever handles for sanding angles
• PSA sanding discs apply quickly to the metal disc for instant use
• On/Off switch has removable safety tab for extra security

4” x 36” Belt / 8” Disc Sander 50-114 is a powerful sanding machine that features a direct drive power system driving both the disc and belt. The sanding speeds eat through wood effortlessly, while still giving the user fine control of shaping and finishing projects. Belt frame adjusts in any position

from horizontal to vertical to meet your sanding needs. Both the Disc and Belts’ support fences tilt 0-45 degrees for angled work. The machine features precision die-cast metal base, quick release belt lever, and large 8″ diameter sanding disc, and includes 2 tilting tables for sanding fine, detail and angled work. Manual - PDF