Merlin2- Long Neck Angle Grinder & the Nick Agar Basic Signature Discover Series

King Arthur's

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Great Value, you get both the Merlin2 - Kit and the Nick Agar Discover Series for this low price of only $409.23. If bought separately they would cost $491.79

Merlin2 is the second generation miniature long neck angle grinder set from King Arthur’s Tools. Merlin2 has been completely redesigned, inside and out, and is now manufactured by King Arthur’s Tools. Merlin2 replaces the original Merlin and utilizes spiral bevel gears. This product has a new motor, upgraded, RoHS compliant electronics, a larger fan, additional vents, a one piece cast safety guard, a textured finish and improved design. Merlin2  has a switch guard and improved power cord.


  • MERLIN2® Miniature Angle Grinder, Fixed Speed, 110V-115V - 15,000 RPMs
  • Merlin2 8 Tooth Chain And Disc
  • Coarse Red Carbide Abrasive
  • 60 Grit Flap Disc Sander
  • 120 Grit Flap Disc Sander
  • 240 Grit Flap Disc Sander
  • Fiberglass Cutoff Wheel
  • Flange Holder
  • Allen Wrench
  • Storage Bag
  • Instructions   

 The Nick Agar Basic Signature Series Accessories Set offers a special selection of custom accessories newly designed to fit the Merlin2® mini-angle grinder. Experience a master collection of accessories created to expand your creativity. Discover ALL NEW Oversize 2.2” (56mm) sanders that curl over sharp edges, a Tungsten Carbide All-Surface 3 Edge Flat Profile Fine Grit Green Disc and Quick Change finishing discs customized for Merlin2®.

The Nick Agar Basic Signature Series Accessories Set includes:


1 - 2"(50mm) H&L Backing Pad - Soft 10063A
1 - 2"(50mm) H&L Backing Pad - Medium 10064A
4 - 2.2"(56mm) H&L 80 Grit Sanders 10075A
4 - 2.2"(56mm) H&L 120 Grit Sanders 10076A
4 - 2.2"(56mm) H&L 180 Grit Sanders 10077A
4 - 2.2"(56mm) H&L 240 Grit Sanders 10078A
4 - 2.2"(56mm) H&L 320 Grit Sanders 10079A
4 - 2.2"(56mm) H&L 400 Grit Sanders 10080A
4 - 2.2"(56mm) H&L 600 Grit Sanders 10081A
4 - 2.2"(56mm) H&L 800 Grit Sanders 10082A
4 - 2.2"(56mm) H&L 1200 Grit Sanders 10083A


1 - QC HTC, Spanner & Backing Pad 10091
1 - 2"(50mm) QC Buffing Pad 10065A
1 - QC Aluminum Oxide 24 Grit Sanding Disc 10054A
1 - QC Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit Sanding Disc 10055A
1 - QC Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit Sanding Disc 10056A
1 - QC Aluminum Oxide 240 Grit Sanding Disc 10057A
1 - QC Bristle Disc Green - Coarse 10061A
1 - QC Bristle Disc Yellow - Medium 10062A


1 - Fine (Green) Thin Flat Disc 10089A

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