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This MERLIN2® miniature, variable speed Universal Carving Set is the second generation long neck grinder with its original six great accessories, retained through popular demand. It’s a great set for miniature work like carving spoons and small bowls, or for details on faces and feathers.  But we don’t recommend using this set for carving huge free-form bowls, sculptures, totem poles or the like. We have other tools you’ll love for those massive projects! It’s terrific for carving, shaping and sanding in difficult, hard to reach places. This set includes the famous 8 tooth “Smallest Chainsaw in the World”. Though now considered a basic entry level carving set, once you own the grinder, it can easily be upgraded with different accessories to expand your range of applications and projects.  The grinder has been completely redesigned, inside and out, with its new features described below in MORE INFO.

You can use most of the six accessories to cut or sand in any direction, with or against the grain, straight, round, convex, concave and contoured surfaces. They can also be used on wood, plastic, rubber, bone, fiberglass and other soft non-ferrous materials. For information on the characteristics and qualities of the individual accessories, please refer to the specific items. All accessories are sold as replacement parts.

Merlin2® has added the versatility of traditional air powered accessories to the convenience of a variable speed electric power tool. MERLIN2® eliminates the need for an air compressor with the ability to attach more than 50 accessories. Portable and versatile, it is a Wizard of a Tool for creating shapes, textures and getting into hard to reach areas. Merlin2® is an excellent choice for wood turning, wood carving, metalwork, miniature woodworking and finish work.

This Merlin2® Premium Set Includes 1 x MERLIN2® 220V-230 Volt Variable Speed Grinder and 6 accessories. The full contents are listed below in MORE INFO.