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Double Up For More Power! Two saw chain cutter accessories used with our universal nut will virtually double productivity in a safe and efficient way. This much is certain – regardless of your choice, any combination will eat and shape wood, ice, rubber, PVC and plastic faster than anything you’ve yet experienced. In addition, you have the bonus that both blades can be used individually. Two Lancelots side by side or Lancelot paired with Squire will eat and shape wood faster than ever before. For sheer brute wood removal, there is no better combo than two Lancelots. The Lancelot and Squire combination is excellent for sweeping horizontal wood removal when both blades cut the stock material surface at the same time. This combination is great for bowl making and artistic patterns.

This combination includes:

Standard: 1 - 14 tooth Lancelot 5/8" · 1 - 12 tooth Squire 5/8" · 1 - Universal Nut

Metric: 1 - 14 tooth Lancelot · 1 - 12 tooth Squire · 1 - Universal Nut