Industrial Wood Wax Finish 3078 2.5L SPRAYABLE matte 101 00 556


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 Osmo Wood Wax Finish uniquely combines the advantages of natural oils and waxes in one product. Osmo Wood Wax Finish is resistant to dirt, water and abrasion and smoothens the surface. The wood structure remains visible. In comparison to conventional finishes, the use of plant ingredients creates a more evenly coloured and more harmonious appearance.

Osmo Wood Wax Finish is easy to apply, without primer or intermediate sanding. Suitable for wood, does not crack, peel, flake or blister. Osmo Wood Wax Finish is resistant to wine, beer, cola, tea, fruit juice, milk and water according to DIN 68861-1C (German industrial norm) – no water spots. When dry, finish is safe for humans, animals and plants (saliva-resistant and sweatproof according to DIN 53160 (German industrial norm), suitable for children‘s toys as per the EN 71.3 European norm.