M42GL6- Hamlet Glenn Lucas 1/2 Bowl Gouge



M42 Stay Sharp tools made by Hamlet to Glenns sharpening specifications set a new standard for quality and performance in woodturning tools. Unlike other types of high speed/PM tool steel that sacrifice extreme edge retention for the ability to be honed to a keen edge, or vice versa, M42 Stay Sharp tools provide both for optimum performance you can count on. Made in England

  • 1/2" Bowl Gouge
  • 5/8" Bar
  • 16" Handle 
  • M42 ‘super steel’ for optimum edge holding ability
  • Can be honed to a razor sharp edge
  • Double bevel grind for faster, cleaner cuts
  • Supplied with hand-polished Ash handle
  • Sharp, ready to use out of the box

This tool is sharpened with one purpose only and that is the fine finishing of the bottom interior of a bowl. It gives a clean polished finished in the hands of an experienced turner. For use by advanced turners it can be sharpened freehand or using a sharpening system.

1/2" is the flute size not the bar size