GL-9 Hamlet-Glen Lucas - 1” Radius Skew



Glenn Lucas GL9 Radius Skew a must for any spindle turner.

Crafted with a 10″ Beech handle, this skew chisel has rolled edges with a 1″ radius blade. 

The rolled edges are designed to flow along the tool rest and are not prone to catching the nicks we have in our tool rests. For those who have difficulty with normal skew chisels this design will make it easier to use and will allow you to add skew chisel use to your regular Woodturning projects. 

The Glenn Lucas GL9 radius skew could change your approach spindle turning.

Designed by Glenn Lucas made by Hamlet Craft Tools from the finest quality M2 high speed steel (HSS). 

  • Ideal for all fine details on spindles or endgrain work.
  • Made from M2 Steel
  • Width - 19mm (3/4)".
  • Handle Length - 10". Overall length of steel and handle =16'' approx

Sharpening Instructions - Part 1 & Part 2