DOC-104 Walnut Oil/Wax/Shellac Woodturning Finish (16 oz/500 ml)


SKU: DOC-104 -Walnut Oil/ Carnauba Wax & Shellac Woodturning Finish


  • One-step very tough surface shine
  • Microaggregated wax technology
  • Great for pens
  • Easily restored finish
  • >16 oz bottle


Doctor’s Woodshop Walnut Oil/Carnauba Wax /Shellac Woodturning Finish combines the good sealing properties of the High Build Friction Polish with the protection, shine and restorability of a microaggregated carnauba wax topcoat. This is a friction polish that produces a hard, restorable finish. Applied to the spinning piece as a first finish or as a redressing application, the project buffs up with a great shine in one step.

Doctor’s Woodshop Walnut Oil/Carnauba Wax /Shellac Woodturning Finish is a good choice for finishing pens or other projects that need a hard, durable finish for the turner that prefers the natural wax finish. This product is very similar to PENS PLUS (DOC-108), differing only in the wax used.

Type of Wax:Carnauba *


High luster, durable finish for any project needing a good shine. Not for salad bowls or other pieces that will get a lot of water exposure

* Carnauba wax is a natural product
†  Microaggregated wax