Celtic Rollerball Pen - Antique Brass



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A unique magnetic cap easily and securely posts onto the nib and back of these pens without the use of threads. Include a Schmidt® pen nib and refill with a steel cartridge with ceramic point. With 50 to 60 million proud people of Celtic descent, this pen will be an eagerly awaited gift honoring their heritage, pride, courage and values. The pen features intricate Celtic Knot scrollwork on the tip, clip and end as well as an emerald color cabochon on the end. The Celtic Knot motif dates back to 5th century and represents the truth of eternity and interconnected spirit. Your gift recipient does not need to be of Celtic origin to appreciate this pen; the symbolism of Celtic culture is universal. Will also pair beautifully with any green plastic blank to compliment the Celtic theme. Plus, The rustic, authentic look of this antique brass will pair beautifully with any wood blank. We've taken quality brass plating and chemically darkened it to simulate aged brass, which results in a gorgeous, long lasting brown plating with golden undertones.

Drill Bit - 10.5MM & 12.5MM