CBN Dowels for Sharpening Gouges

Wood Turners Wonders

SKU: HM-DW19-350

Sharpening, honing, and polishing have been taken to a new level! Our CBN Dowels are offered in different diameters to accomplish any project. Anyone who sharpens any sort of gouge will find them very useful. Use these dowels for everything from dressing flutes to sharpening knives more easily than ever before. Great for turners and carvers alike. You’ll find uses for these all over your shop. Offered in 350 grit and 4 metric diameters - 6mm (1/4"), 12 (1/2")mm, 19mm(3/4"), and 25mm(1").  These are all 8 inches long on the grit area and 8.25 inches overall.   Buy the full set and save!