Bee Good Wood Butter 8 - 0.5oz

Green River Woods

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Ideal Size for you to give to your customers when they buy your bowl 

Cheaper when you purchase them in an 8 Pack

By popular request, our fragrant Bee Good Wood Oil® is now available as a much thicker paste wax Bee Good Wood Butter™ in .5oz – 4oz tins and jars.

• A penetrating oil/wax finish for any wooden surface where a softer and more forgiving, durable food safe finish is desired, preserving natural wood feel

• Ideal for protecting and adding luster to fine wood surfaces, especially small handcrafted items, turned bowls, trays, and utensils, butcher blocks and cutting boards

• Made in small batches by hand with pure local beeswax, genuine 100% non-recycled food grade pure mineral oil and other naturally wood preserving, anti-microbial and fragrant oils (all sourced directly and responsibly, FDA approved and organic wherever possible).

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