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A leather strop, produces an exceptionally polished, sharp edge. With a 250 x 75mm leather surface, this double-sided paddle strop is large enough to take wide plane irons and long knives. It is excellent for honing hand tools such as plane irons, chisels, carving tools, knives and other edge tools. One side is fine grain napped leather for initial stropping with a paste or compound of your choice. When stropping there is no need to apply heavy pressure, a light touch works best. The other side, for final finishing, is smooth Havana leather, this is used plain, without compound or paste. The Havana leather gives you that final touch for a scary-sharp finish.

The shaped handle offers good grip; for more control, brace the square end against a bench dog.

Approximately 420mm long overall, made in France.

Key Features

  • Produces an exceptionally polished, sharp edge
  • Double-sided: napped leather and smooth Havana leather
  • Large area (250 x 75mm) for wide plane irons and long knives