SKU: AX1-107349

Our No. 778 Duplex Rebate Plane is able to cut rebates up to 38mm wide. Once hugely popular it has been somewhat superseded by the router. However for small runs; rebating can often be done much quicker using the 778 due to its minimal set-up time.

It features a quality cast iron body with an accurately ground base. The full width blade can be used in two positions; normal or the front position for stopped rebates. The depth of cut is controlled with a threaded micro adjuster. A cutting spur for cross grain work and a depth stop complete the plane.

The full length fence controls the width of the rebate and is supported on twin fence bars. The fence is drilled to allow fitting a wooden sub-fence for extra support. The bars can be used on either side of the plane, which is useful if you encounter difficult grain, enabling you to cut in the opposite direction. Note: neither the depth stop nor the spur are available in this configuration.

Made from O1 spring steel offering good edge retention, this blade will require honing before use. We are confident that Axminster Workshop planes are good standard, traditional hand tools and great value for money.

Key Features

  • Deigned to cut rebates up to 38mm wide
  • Adjustable fence solidly supported on twin guide rods
  • Fence fits to either side of the plane
  • Two positions for the blade enhances the versatility of this plane
  • Fine blade adjustment for precise depth control of the cut