UJK Fence and Length Stop for Guide Rail Saws


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This UJK Fence and length Stop is designed to be used on a 20mm grid hole work table when using a guide rail saw. It will provide a 1,100mm long fence that is exactly square to a guide rail held by dogs and clips (Festool and Makita), or held by guide rail clamps and located by dogs. There is also a sliding flip over stop to provide an accurate length stop. Twin support discs give extra support either side of the cut.

To use, you simply mount your guide rail, fit the UJK Fence and Length Stop at a convenient point between the mid and far end of the guide rail. You then need to measure the distance from the cut line created by the saw running on the guide rail and the front end of the fence. The cut line is your zero. There is a self adhesive scale supplied loose. You cut the scale at the distance previously measured, and adhere the scale to the fence. The scale is now showing the distance to the cut line. Don't worry, it is easier than it sounds! Once set, you now have a work support fence, and a length cutting facility.

Key Features

  • UJK Fence and Length Stop for guide rail saws
  • For use on 20mm grid hole work tables or MFT style tables
  • 1,100mm long, fitted with flip over stop
  • Metal backed self adhesive metric scale with clear markings
  • Supplied with two 20mm dogs, securing bolts and sliding T nuts
  • Allows consistent cutting to an exact length to over 1,200mm