Axminster-Woodturning Pro Live Centre 16mm - 2MT


SKU: 106539


The Axminster 16mm Pro Live Centre 2MT exactly matches the Axminster 16mm Pro Drive. Like the drive centre, it is made entirely of stainless steel and will not rust or corrode when used with green timber or left in an unheated workshop. It features a spring-loaded, stainless steel centre point. The spring tension is variable; the adjustment is a simple matter of turning a grub screw.
The Axminster Pro Live Centre offers several advantages. With the spring-loaded point, it is easy to centre on the work. Unlike the more common conical shaped live centre, the Pro Live Centre supports the work over a wide area hence there is no chance of the centre splitting the work. As the live centre is an exact match to the drive, you can reverse your work with confidence, repositioning in perfect realignment. This is useful if the wood grain dictates the direction of cut, or is necessary to achieve a particular design.

Due to the large size of the bearings the Axminster 16mm Pro Live Centre is only available in 2MT.