Axminster-Woodturning Dovetail Jaws Type M


SKU: 410174

SK100 Dovetail Jaws Type M; where M stands for Mega, maybe a clue as to their intended function. The Type M jaws are one of the largest available for the Axminster precision chuck system. When at a true circle the external diameter is 125mm and the internal 100mm by 16mm deep. These are the jaws to choose for turning large platters and bowls from hefty blanks. The possible grip range is internal 91mm to 117mm and external 118mm to 134mm. Bear in mind, the greater the diameter, the less circular the jaws become, although the holding power remains very strong. Made from stainless steel to protect against corrosion.

Recommended for SK100 and SK114 chucks with 100mm Accessory Mounting Jaws.

Key Features

  • Potential gripping range: Internal 91mm to 117mm
  • Potential gripping range: External 118mm to 134mm
  • Great for both platter and hollow form turning
  • Drawing dimensions taken when jaws form true circle
  • Made exclusively by Axminster in Axminster
  • Made from stainless steel to protect against corrosion