Axminster - Woodturning 27-Piece Patterned Steel Stamp Set - 6MM


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This pack contains twenty-seven steel stamps, each one with a different design. They’re also known as grounding punches or sometimes checkering tools. (or: background punches, frosting punches, matting punches, stippling punches) They are used on a wooden surface to produce a pattern or random texture. Punches similar to these have been traditionally used by woodcarvers to create backgrounds for relief carvings for hundreds of years.

Simple to use, hold the punch upright and give it a sharp tap with a hammer.

Woodturners; use them in conjunction with the sunset bowl kit from Chromacraft. Once a bowl is ready for colour you can use these different pattern stamps alongside texturing tools.

The stamps are Chrome-vanadium steel with tips hardened to HRC 58-62. Each stamp is marked with the pattern on the stamp’s body side. Size 6mm x 6mm x 67mm long.

Key Features

  • Create texture on carvings or woodturnings
  • Complete set with 27 different designs
  • Hardened CRV steel
  • Each stamp: 6mm x 6mm x 67mm long