SKU: AX-107566

Initially designed for woodturners wishing to measure the wall thickness of bowls we have since found many uses for them around the workshop. These are truly Universal Measuring Callipers and will give you an instant and accurate reading up to a depth of 100mm. The ability to read the thickness directly from the scale, saves a great deal time. For woodturners these calipers you can quickly identify places where the wall of a bowl is thicker and requires another shaving. Around the workshop their 100mm throat makes them amazingly useful for a quick check of thicknesses.

Laser cut from stainless steel with a zero to 100mm etched scale, these calipers deliver accurate measurements every time.

Key Features

  • Instant and accurate measurement up to 100mm
  • Amazingly useful; get a quick reading at a glance
  • For woodturning and all around the workshop