Axminster - UJK 40MM TWIST DOGS (PAIR) - 102542

SKU: AX-102542

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UJK Twist Dogs are of a unique design. Their 25mm long spigot is a snug fit in the 20mm diameter dog holes of the UJK MultiFunction Workbench and the Festool MFT bench. The Twist Dog’s unique feature is a pin through the spigot. This pin securely locks the Twist Dog into the specially drilled holes of the UJK Multifunction Workbench. Made from hard acetate plastic (the same material as shatterproof chisel handles), these dogs will not damage cutting edges in the case of accidental contact. Twist Dogs are highly accurate and acetate plastic a very stable material. The upper portion is a precise 25mm diameter with a choice of working height either 18mm or 40mm. Twist dogs use the alignment of the UJK MultiFunction or Festool MFT table’s holes to set up fences, guide rails or workpieces. They let you use the CNC precision of the table to ensure your results are as accurate as the CNC machine itself.

Key Features

  • Unique design, pin for secure fit in Twist Lock holes
  • Remove pin for snug fit in any 20mm diameter dog hole
  • Hard acetate plastic won’t damage cutting edges
  • Accurate: precise 25mm diameter; choose either 18mm or 40mm working height
  • Use with the MultiFunction Workbench to set up fences and guide rails for precise results