Axminster - SK88-110514-Gripper Jaws Type H


SKU: AX-110514

Axminster Woodturning have recreated some of our most popular jaws in the smaller size to accommodate the 88mm Essential Chuck.

The Axminster Woodturning Gripper Type H Jaws are ideal for smaller hollow form and similar pieces. The jaws feature serrations on the inner and outer gripping surfaces. This particular design offers a super strong grip on end grain and in green timber. The depth of the jaw adds to the gripping power.

Although ideal for smaller hollow form and similar pieces, as with all the Axminster chuck jaws, versatility comes as standard. The external grip is 55mm, the internal 40mm. These diameters are when the jaws are a true circle. However, the chuck allows a wide range of movement to accommodate any deviation. If necessary, it can grip internally 35mm to 60mm and externally 50mm to 75mm.

These jaws are designed to fit the SK88 chuck and will simply bolt onto the Accessory Mounting Jaws.
All made entirely in our manufacturing facility in Axminster, UK.

As the Essential SK88 Chuck and Jaws are made from EN1A steel, instead of stainless steel like our Clubman and Evolution premium chuck offerings, we recommend spraying it lightly with a dry lubricant on a regular basis to prevent tarnishing. You should do this more frequently if you are working in a damp workshop or turning wet timber.

Please note: the Axminster Woodturning Essential SK88 range of jaws are compatible with the Clubman SK80 Chuck. The Essential SK88 Jaws will also fit our Clubman & Evolution SK100 Chucks as well as our Evolution SK114 Chuck, providing the SK88 Mounting Jaws are used.

Key Features

  • Fits the Axminster Woodturning SK88 chuck
  • Unique design offers super strong grip;
  • Particularly on end grain and green timber
  • Ideal for smaller hollow form and similar pieces
  • Potential gripping range: External 50mm to 75mm
  • Potential gripping range: Internal 35mm to 60mm
  • Made entirely in Axminster, UK